Aetna Certificate Chain Download

Aetna Issued SHA2 SSL Certificates
    DigiCert High Assurance EV - Root CA (Root for both Standard and Extended Validation Certificates
    Aetna Inc. Secure CA2 - Intermediate CA (Standard Certificates Only)
    Aetna Inc. Secure EV CA - Intermediate CA (Extended Validation Certificates Only)

Aetna Issued SHA1 SSL Certificates
    GeoTrust Global Root CA
    Aetna Certificate Authority

Aetna's Symantec (Verisign) Issued Extended Validation Certificates
    Intermediate CA Certs for Symantec EV Certificates Issued AFTER 07/23/2014.
    Intermediate CA Certs for Symantec EV Certificates Issued BEFORE 07/24/2014.

    Important: Symantec certificates issued after 07/23/2014 make use of a cross root certificate chain.
    In order to support both older and newer web clients, the certificate chain must be properly configured. Please contact PKI Engineering for additional information.

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